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Harnessing Innovation: Surge Arrester Applications Take Center Stage at INMR WORLD CONGRESS 2023

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Bangkok Thailand
The Royal Place is the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

The INMR WORLD CONGRESS has long been recognized as a pivotal platform for experts and professionals in the field of power transmission and distribution. This biennial event rotates its host city, covering Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The forthcoming congress in Bangkok, Thailand, from November 12-15, 2023, promises an enriching experience, offering over 100 technical presentations across a myriad of topics. However, one area that promises to captivate attention is the application of surge arresters, a field experiencing rapid advancement and innovation.

As the chairman for the SESSION 3: Technology & Service Experience in Application of Surge Arresters, I can assure you that this year's lineup is second to none. We have gone to great lengths to secure top-tier speakers who will discuss various facets of surge arrester technology.

Their expertise spans 3 key categories:

  • Line Surge Arresters for Overhead Lines: Learn about the most recent developments in enhancing the resilience and effectiveness of overhead lines using reliable line surge arresters.

  • Cross-functional Topics on Conventional Applications: Dive into the characteristics of Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) and the specifics related to Station and Distribution Class applications.

  • Monitoring and Diagnostics for Condition Assessment: Gain valuable insights into the methods and technologies that can assess and extend the operational lifespan of surge arresters.

What sets this congress apart is not just its high calibre of speakers, but also the breadth of topics that will be covered. You'll have a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of surge arrester technology while also broadening your horizons in the wider field of power transmission and distribution.

To complement the technical sessions, the PRODUCT & TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION will run in parallel, showcasing the most recent innovations in key network components and testing services. It’s a ‘hands-on’ experience where you can engage directly with experts from leading international suppliers.

So whether you are an engineer, an asset manager, a consultant, or someone intrigued by the continually evolving landscape of power systems, this congress is an invaluable opportunity for professional development and networking.

Mark your calendars for November 12-15 and make sure you join us at the INMR WORLD CONGRESS in Bangkok for an experience that promises to electrify your understanding of surge arrester technology!

13 speakers covering Line Surge Arresters for Overhead Lines:

Position, Company: Transmission Solutions Manager, Shemar Power

Country: Canada

Title: Towards Ultimate Compaction of Overhead Transmission Lines: Integrating CICA & EGLA Technologies

Position, Company: Vijaya Sales Corporation,

Country: India

Title: Application of Line Surge Arresters for Switching Overvoltages in UHV Transmission Systems

Position, Company: T&D Consultant

Country: Canada

Title: Balancing the Budget for Renovating Lines: Groundwires, OPGW, Insulation, Earthing & Arresters

Position, Company: Specialist, Distribution Engineering Centre Asset Management Dept., Distribution Network Div. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)

Country: Malaysia

Title: Application of Line Lightning Protection Device onto 33 kV Overhead Lines with High Soil Resistivity to Mitigate Transient Interruptions Due to Lightning

Position, Company: Senior Product Manager, Arrester Business Unit Hubbell Power Systems

Country: United States

Title: Examining the Evolution of Line Surge Arrester Technology

Position, Company: Consultant, Metarresters

Country: Germany

Title: Performance of Current Limiting Gaps for Effective Lightning Mitigation

Position, Company: T&D Engineering Manager, Rahmat Kurnia Abadi

Country: Indonesia

Title: Implementing EGLAs on 20 kV Overhead Distribution Lines: Design, Testing & Optimizing Placement

Position, Company: Principal Engineer, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)

Country: Malaysia

Title: Lightning Performance of 132 kV, 275 kV & 500 kV Overhead Transmission Lines in Malaysia

Position, Company: Researcher, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)

Country: Japan

Title: Applying EGLAs on Transmission Lines in Japan: Overview of Experience & Lightning Outage Data

Position, Company: Technical Consultant at R&D Centre ADM Electricity Distribution Corp.

Country: Turkey

Title: Effective Lightning Mitigation on Unshielded 36 kV Distribution Line in Turkey Applying Externally Gapped Line Arresters

Position, Company: Assistant Manager of Transmission Maintenance Planning & Evaluation, PLN Persero (Indonesia TSO)

Country: Indonesia

Title: EGLA Application on 70 kV Overhead Transmission Line in Indonesia: Statistics, Design, & Lightning Performance Review

Position, Company: Electrical Engineering Consultant, FPL (Italy), Teslatama & Wijaya Karya Industri & Konstruksi

Country: Indonesia

Title: Case Studies of Lightning Disturbances on Java-Madura-Bali Transmission Lines & Performance Improvement

Position, Company: General Manager, Nanyang Jinniu Electric

Country: China

Title: Design & Evaluation of a Dual Function Integrated Insulator for Enhanced Protection to Lightning Strikes & Ice Accretion in Transmission Systems

9 speakers covering Cross-functional Topics on Conventional Applications:

Position, Company: Product Manager, Prolec-Celeco

Country: Mexico

Title: Improving Reliability of Distribution Class Arresters through Disruptive Innovations

Position, Company: Chairman, XianTian Gong Electric

Country: China

Title: Advancing MOV Block Technology: Improving Performance, Stability & Protection

Position, Company: Engineering Manager, Energy Systems Group

Country: United States

Title: Surge Protection Considerations for Synchronous Generators

Position, Company: Primary Plant Specialist, Engineering and Major Projects, ESB

Country: Ireland

Title: Reliability of MOSAs in Transmission Systems at Major Power Utilities

Position, Company: Product Developer, Tridelta Meidensha

Country: Germany

Title: Development of Filament Cage Design Arresters: Long-Term Achievements

Position, Company: Executive Director, Elektrolites (Power)

Country: India

Title: Experience-Driven Improvements in Surge Arrester Performance through Short Circuit Testing

Position, Company: Sr. Principal Specialist Surge Arresters, Hitachi Energy & Discipline Expert, Surge Arrester Technologies, Siemens Energy

Country: Sweden & Germany

Title: IEC TC37: Major Developments in Standards for Substation & Line Surge Arresters

Position, Company: Seismic & Structural Engineer, Deefe for Structure & Earthquake Engineering

Country: Chile

Title: Seismic Qualification of Surge Arresters through Shake Table Testing: Importance of Considering Support Structure

Position, Company: Regional Sales Manager, Surge Arresters & Polymeric Insulators, Siemens Energy Global

Country: Germany

Title: Ground Lead Disconnectors Without Dangerous Goods Classification

3 speakers covering Monitoring and Diagnostics for Condition Assessment:

Position, Company: Manager, R&D Department Tridelta Meidensha

Country: Germany

Title: Smart & Effective Monitoring of Surge Arresters

Position, Company: Maintenance Engineering Division Itaipu Binacional

Country: Brazil

Title: New Approach to Diagnose ZnO Surge Arresters Combining Resistive Leakage Current & Infrared Inspection

Position, Company: Head of R&D, Izoelektro

Country: Slovenia

Title: Remote Monitoring & Advanced Analysis of Surge Arresters & Power Grids

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See you in Bangkok!

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