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Line Surge Arresters Projects

Implementing a new LSA project can turn out to be more complex than we imagine. Although the performance meets the expectations for effectively reducing interruptions caused by lightning (or other benefits), it is essential to ensure the due diligence process is carried out, to define the objectives, and to have a global view of the budgets to be committed. We propose to accompany you throughout a project, from the analysis of outages and lightning parameters to on-site training. We aim to provide comprehensive support and best practices, ensuring adherence to the latest industry standards and guidelines. Our goal: to maximize your budget for optimal outcomes.

Line Surge Arresters, EGLA, NGLA
LSA Projects

Customized support for your LSA projects

Ground Flash Density, Lightning Strikes, Outage Mitigation

1. Let's explore the issue

Begin with a meticulous due diligence assessment to understand the lightning performance of your line.

  • Why are LSAs necessary for your project? Have you considered alternative mitigation strategies?

  • Define your objectives and budget. What financial impact do outages have annually?

  • We'll work to optimize your budget for effective implementation.

  • Assess your confidence in the field data, such as grounding conditions and classified lightning outages.

  • Is there a novel perspective to consider? Are there analogous cases in other countries to learn from?

Arrester selection according to standards and latest developments

2. Consider best practices and the latest technologies

LSAs are cost-effective for reducing lightning-induced outages, yet essential considerations may remain unaddressed.

  • Is this your initial LSA implementation? What's your long-term outlook?

  • We aim to streamline processes and integrate technical specifications seamlessly.

  • Are you up-to-date with the latest IEC/IEEE standards and CIGRE recommendations?

  • Discuss the commonality of live line installation/maintenance in your network.

  • Address concerns about LSA reliability and service life confidence.

  • Explore ways to extend LSA lifespan. Should you monitor them?

  • Evaluate if your procurement process aligns with your goals.

  • Consider comprehensive system studies or simulations for optimal LSA placement and rating.

Project Management Execution Manuafcturing Process Quality

3. Proactively follow up on project execution

Ensure contractual obligations lead to a smooth project flow.

  • Do acceptance test requirements meet the expectations of your asset and maintenance team?

  • For projects with large volumes, how will the manufacturing process be controlled?

  • Consider a more active role in monitoring QA/QC activities, from supplier inspections to factory acceptance tests.

Training Onsite Guidance Supervision technology Acquistion

4. Technology Acquisition and Training:

As equipment arrives, it's critical to focus on utilization and expertise.

  • Outline the plan for employing the technology effectively.

  • Ensure installation methods are well-documented and the team is well-instructed.

  • Decide if on-site support during the installation phase is needed.

  • Determine if there's a need for additional technical training for your operation and maintenance teams.

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