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Specialized Consultancy in the Energy Supply Industry

Who We Are

We are a specialized consultancy with an exclusive focus on insulation coordination, lightning performance improvement, and surge arrester technologies. Our innovation sets us apart: we are the only consultancy offering a comprehensive approach to lightning performance, from meticulous analysis of lightning parameters to unique solutions like Sigma SLP and I3CM LLS.

Industry Expert, Consulting, Dedicated Solutions, Investment Optimization
Consultant Services : Services

What We Offer

  • Transient Overvoltages Studies

Harness the power of cutting-edge tools like Sigma SLP, PSCAD, and EMTP-RV. We provide comprehensive insulation coordination analyses, studies and actionable insights.

  • Investment Optimization

Maximize your ROI with our expertise in surge arrester technologies and lightning performance. Whether you are struggling with lightning outage issues, system failures, or costly and inadequate solutions, we are here to help you.

  • Training & Education

Specialized training programs, webinars, and seminars that bridge the gap between technical intricacies and actionable knowledge.

  • Unique Solutions for Lightning Performance

As the only consultancy with end-to-end solutions for lightning performance on overhead lines, our offerings like Sigma SLP and I3CM LLS set the industry standard.

  • Business & Product Development

Our dual expertise in business strategy and technical product development offers bespoke market research services and effective product positioning.​

  • Testing & Manufacturing Expertise

We excel in testing and manufacturing, ensuring optimal project outcomes. Our rigorous QA/QC activities guarantee expected results. With tailored inspection test plans and testing requirements, we foster confidence through factory acceptance tests.

Services 2

Transient Overvoltage Studies – Global Expertise at Your Fingertips:

  • Target Audience: Utility companies, equipment manufacturers, design engineers.

  • Tools: Industry-leading tools EMTP-RV, PSCAD, and Sigma SLP.

  • Insulation Analyses: Review and rectification of existing insulation coordination reports.

  • Time-Domain Simulations: Comprehensive transient analyses of overvoltages.

  • Lightning Performance: Utilize historical LLS Data with Sigma SLP for accurate lightning impact analysis.

  • Protective Ratios: Evaluate safety margins between surge arresters and protected equipment.

  • Standards Compliance: Ensure equipment withstands transient overvoltages per IEC 60099-4 and IEEE C62.11.

  • Customized Specifications: Surge arrester specifications tailored to individual client needs.

  • Detailed Reporting: Comprehensive findings with the standout feature of unlimited revisions.

  • Global Presence: Services offered worldwide with experience across all continents.

transient studies, insulation coordination, EMTP-RV, PSCAD, Sigma SLP, power systems
Feasability study, business case, due diligence, evaluation

Preliminary studies & Business Case

  • Feasibility studies & pragmatic approaches

  • Needs assessment for new projects, retrofit or maintenance activities

  • Budget preparation & Optimization

  • Strategic approach with latest practices & innovation

  • Risk analysis

  • Market studies & Business Plans

  • Support investments decisions 

Product Definition & Standardization

  • Product Specifications, Definition of suitable requirements as per latest developments

  • Compliance with international standards and guidance & good practices.

  • Surge Arresters selection & optimization

  • Technical recommendations

  • Review of documentation, reports and technical documents

  • Certification of reports

  • Expertise in best practices

Power Transformer, Station Class, Product Specification, IEC IEEE Standards
Training, Seminar, Supervision, Technical Knowledge, Webinar, site supervision

Training and Supervision

  • Seminars & online Sessions

  • Technical courses on technology's fundamentals & practical approaches

  • Support for failure's root cause analysis

  • Efficient approach of condition assessment

  • Site Supervision

  • Installation recommendation

Testing & Manufacturing

  • QA/QC Activities to ensure expected results

  • Support for quality process and inspection test plan

  • Review/Define suitable or extensive testing requirements

  • Get confidence with factory acceptance tests

  • Monitoring/Follow-up of the manufacturing processes

  • Delegate project execution with sensitive scope of work

  • On-site expertise

manufacturing, routine tests, acceptance tests, QA/QC activities,  process, project execution

Achievements & References

Remarkable Line Surge Arresters projects

  • France, 63/90kV and 225kV EGLA Development, Homologation and Contract Execution -> unique technical requirements

  • Vietnam, 220kV and 500kV EGLA Development and Contract Execution

  • USA, 765kV EGLA Pilot Project, Feasibility Study and Development -> first of its kind worldwide.

  • Canada, 220kV EGLA on complete 450km new transmission line, Development, Quality & Testing processes and Contract Execution -> first of its kind worldwide (involved full scope with polymer insulators/hardware)

  • Peru, 500kV NGLA large scale project, Development, first of its kind at 4500m on large scale

  • Turkey, 170kV EGLA Pilot Project, Feasibility Study and Development -> first of its kind in the country

Outstanding Station Class projects

  • Canada, from 9kV to 765kV Station Class Application, Extensive Homologation process and Contract Execution -> unique technical requirements (seismic, short-circuit, assembly..)

  • Italy, from 72.5kV to 420kV Station Class Application, Extensive Homologation process and Contract Execution -> unique technical requirements (polymer ageing, artificial pollution..)

Other assignments

  • Market Study & Business Plan for new product development of polymer surge arresters

  • Portfolio Upgrade & Improvement of Station Class Polymer Arresters to address new markets and achieve costs optimization

  • Product Development of EGLA 170kV

  • QA/QC, Quality Assurance / Quality Control of Polymer Surge Arresters and Insulators

Technical Contributions

  • Performance of Surge Arc Suppressors for Effective Lightning Mitigation - INMR Bangkok 2023

  • Effective Lightning Mitigation Method on Unshielded Distribution Line by Using High Charge Ratings Externally Gapped Line Arresters (EGLA) - CIRED 27th International Conference on Electricity Distribution

  • Towards Understanding and Embracing EGLA Technology: An In-depth Review and Future Outlook - CIGRE ICLPS - SIPDA 2023, Suzhou, China

  • Optimizing Line Surges Arresters investments & Ensuring Grid Stability through Lightning Performance Monitoring - GROUND2023 & 10th LPE, Brazil 2023

  • Latest updates on CIGRE TB 855, future IEC standard for Line Surge Arresters (1), Externally-Gapped Line Arrester Technology: Background, Development & Future Directions (2), INMR 2022

  • Various Benefits for Line Surge Arrester Application & Advantages of Externally Gapped Line Arresters Technical Paper, INMR 2019 & IEEE

  • Development of a 765 kV Externally Gapped Line Arrester, Joint Paper with John Schneider, INMR 2019

  • Line Surge Arresters: Applications, Designs, Trends, Monitoring and Recommendations, Earthing Africa 2017

  • Online Webinars (Basic understanding and fundamentals, Surge Arrester Selection, Latest Methods for Monitoring of Surge Arresters)

Comprehensive Solutions for Lightning Performance Improvement, Effective Fault Location & Categorization on Overhead Lines

As the official partner of Sadovic Consultant, METARRESTERS is providing dedicated solutions to support decisions for lightning performance improvement and help with fault location and categorization.

The portfolio includes 2 major products :

  • I3CM LLS Solution: Real-time online monitoring for effective fault location/categorization on overhead lines

  • SIGMA SLP: Simulation software for the computation of lightning performance with a focus on Line Surge Arrester application

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