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Harnessing Advanced Tools for Optimal Power System Performance

For utility companies, equipment manufacturers, and design engineers worldwide, we offer expert consulting services in the realm of transient overvoltage studies. Leveraging the power of industry-leading tools like EMTP-RV, PSCAD, and Sigma SLP, our team delivers precise insulation coordination analyses, studies, and actionable insights.

System studies, Insulation Coordination, industry-leading tools as EMTP-RV, PSCAD and Sigma SLP
Transient studies 1
Transient studies 2

Key Offerings Include:

  • Insulation Coordination Analyses

Encounter issues in existing insulation coordination reports? Our meticulous review identifies potential problem areas, providing solutions that adhere to industry best practices.

  • Time-Domain Simulations

Employing the widely recognized EMTP-RV and PSCAD tools, we conduct extensive transient analyses, simulating temporary, lightning, and switching overvoltages for precise results.

  • Incoming Line Lightning Performance:

Our expertise extends to analyzing the impact on Incoming Line Lightning Performance. Utilizing historical LLS Data, we ensure accurate simulations based on real-world lightning parameters, using Sigma SLP for line lightning performance computation.

  • Protective Ratios for Substation Equipment

Determining the protective ratio is crucial. We analyze the safety margins between the surge arrester and the equipment it's meant to protect, a widely recognized metric essential for system safety and performance.

  • Evaluation as per Industry Standards

Our assessments consider the effect of transient overvoltages on surge arrester performance. We ensure compliance with the latest IEC 60099-x or IEEE C62.11 ratings and testing requirements.

  • Tailored Technical Specifications

Every power system is unique. We prepare technical specifications for surge arresters that cater to your specific needs, ensuring reliability, optimal performance, and seamless compatibility.

  • Detailed Reporting

Insights matter, and our comprehensive reports encapsulate our findings and recommendations in depth. Valuing your satisfaction, we stand out by offering unlimited revisions, ensuring the final report aligns with your expectations.

"With a footprint across all continents, our global expertise positions us uniquely to address challenges inherent to diverse geographic conditions and regulations."

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