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This feature is not available in the demo version !

I3CM LLS Solution is primarily designed to operated simultaneously with hardware devices to unlock the potential of Fault Location & Fault Categorization.

I3CM LLS: Hardware

I3CM 5G Hardware
2 different types of hardware solutions to fulfill different needs

Common features :

•Monitoring of 3 voltages and 3 currents of the overhead line

•Communication over utility’s Intranet (RJ45) and mobile network 5G/4G/3G (5G module included)

•I3CM LLS software provides full interoperability between I3CM 5G transient recorder & fault locator

•GNSS accurate timestamp (state-of-the-art “GPS” for time synchronization)


I3CM 5G must be installed in the substation’s secondary equipment cabinet.

I3CM 5G TR Transient Recorder (basic)

[1 unit minimum for 1 line section]

•Record faults but locate only with LLS

I3CM 5G FL Fault Locator (advanced)

[2 units minimum for 1 line section, both ends]

•Double Ended Traveling-Wave method

•Much higher data acquisition speed for the fault location

•5 Msamples/channel/sec allows accuracy of about 60 meters

•All faults are located with high precision, then LLS is queried, if not match Weather Data is queried.

I3CM LLS: General Concept I3CM

Basic Principle - How does I3CM LLS work ?

Lightning Strikes

Lightning related events

Cloud to Ground

Stroke amplitude



GNSS Synchronization cloud rain.png

Weather related events

Wind speed/Gusts

Rain, Snow, Hail



Simple Fault Detection

Or Advanced TW Fault Location

I3CM 5G Device


I3CM 5G Device (5).png

Lightning Location System (LLS) Data

Weather Data (4).png

I3CM Server


I3CM LLS Software

Local Client or Remote client

Thumbnail 2 Website.png
I3CM LLS:Start
I3CM LLS: Video Demonstration
I3CM LLS: Benefits

I3CM LLS is a comfortable real-time online monitoring tool to facilitate the detection, the categorization and the location of line faults. 

monitoring automatic analysis make your life confortable

We take a lot of hard work off your hands with automatic analysis

We help utilities and grid operators to categorize faults and provide real-time notifications. It supports decisions and helps for making prioritization. 

value quality of information that is difficultto access today
Cost savings compared to conventional systems

A quality of information that is difficult to access today

Outages/System Faults can be detected and localized with high accuracy (~60 meters) and their cause can be analyzed. Lightning outages detection is guaranteed.  Weather data providers are queried if LLS data do not match. 

Significant costs savings compared to conventional fault detection systems

Suspicious faults can be localized precisely and workers/operators can be sent to the exact location for line inspection 

real word big data ground flash density customized distribution strokes

Real-world data simulations are the most valuable output to make decisions

Lightning data can be collected and used for accurate system studies as customized stroke distribution and Ground Flash Density. Data can be exported into specialized lightning simulation software (like Sigma SLP) for the computation process. "Hot zones" can be identified for effective lightning outage mitigation.

crew can inspect exact location

Unique feature. Crews can go to the exact location to inspect the suspicious LSA.

Digital twin of the line in I3CM LLS can be customized to provide specific features such as LSA failure detection 

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I3CM LLS: Quotation

Unique Solution

State-of-the art online monitoring system to effectively address lightning performance, locate & identify faults with high precision on overhead lines.

This dedicated solution enables the grid operators and utilities to determine accurately a situation, to support decisions and prioritize the system improvement.

Integrate latest technologies as Lightning Location System (LLS), Double Ended Traveling-Wave (TW) algorithms and GNSS timestamps.

More Features

I3CM LLS can provide many important data as stroke amplitude, precise location, fault type, span, phase conductor/shield wire/tower top of the lightning stroke incidence.

Other advanced functions are available regarding weather data and LSA monitoring (failure detection)

Real word data can be them exported to lightning simulation software (as Sigma SLP) for further analysis, verification and potential improvement with LSA application.


I3CM LLS application software is the dashboard where everything is monitored.

I3CM 5G Hardware (TR or FL) needs to be installed in the substations with minimum requirements to track transient faults.

I3CM LLS get instantaneous data from Lightning Location System (LLS) of your choices and make automatic analysis to identify the lightning outage and its exact location on the line. When it does not match, Weather data providers are queried to refine the search.

Focused and effective work

The level of analysis allows maintenance team and assets managers to plan smartly with reliable data.

Double Ended Traveling-Wave algorithm allows a precise localization of the faults to intervene effectively and quickly.

With a digital twin of your line, I3CM LLS can provide special features and parameters to monitor Line Surge Arresters activities and potentially identify their failures.

Innovative Concept

When a fault has occurred on the line, I3CM LLS classifies it as “Lightning”, “Weather” or “other reasons”.

It makes reliable and immediate correlations between line faults, lightning strokes and weather events.

Automatic analysis and notifications are provided to the users. When other solutions are not specific and not accurate, I3CM LLS allows high accuracy (up to 60 meters) to quickly identify detailed location and information of the outages.

Proactive Maintenance and Asset Management

I3CM LLS enables the identification of overhead line sections that are the most exposed to lightning events.


By identifying the risky sections of the line, it becomes possible to prioritize the corrective measures for lightning performance improvement.

I3CM LLS: Full Description

To go further <> Integration I3CM LLS / Sigma SLP
It can be combined with Sigma SLP, but works as a standalone software solutions

•I3CM LLS stands for «Integrated Computation, Communication, Control, Measurement with Lightning Location System data»

•SLP stands for «Software for Lightning Performance»


I3CM 5G Hardware + Lightning Location System (LLS) + Weather data acquisition

Collect reliable data and identify faults types with precision


I3CM LLS Software

Immediate correspondence between faults, lightning strokes or weather events

Automatic analysis and notifications

Effective lightning performance assessment


Sigma SLP Software

Populate lightning simulations with real world data (GFD, Stroke Distribution)

A dedicated tool for Line Surge Arresters and Lightning performance improvement

I3CM LLS: Integration SIGMA SLP
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