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Line Surge Arresters, Lightning Arrester, Surge Protective Devices, Power system Insulation Coordination, Consulting

Effective Consulting Beyond Standards
Transient Overvoltages, Surge Arrester Technology & Dedicated Lightning Performance Solutions

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Consulting with Purpose


Who We Are

We are a specialized consultancy in the energy supply industry with an exclusive focus on insulation coordination, lightning performance improvement, and surge arrester technologies.

What We Offer

Transient Overvoltages Studies

Investment Optimization

Training & Education

Unique Solutions for Lightning Performance

Business & Product Development

Testing & Manufacturing Expertise (MOSA)

Why Choose Us?


Long-term Partnership & Project-Based Engagement

Exclusive Solutions

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Testimonials from the Energy Supply Industry

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Jonathan Woodworth, arresterworks

"I have been involved in the surge arrester and surge protection industry for over 40 years. During that time, I have worked in all aspects of arresters as a consultant on the protection of power system. Also, during this time, I have  been an  active member of both IEEE and IEC standards.  These activities have presented me the opportunity to work and associate with Florent on numerous  occasions.  Over the years I have encounter and worked with most of the world experts in this field.  I can say with certainty that Florent has become one of them.  Should you need a hardworking, enthusiastic, and trustworthy person to assist you in surge protection, you should not hesitate to call on Florent."

Jonathan Woodworth, USA, Consulting Engineer – ArresterWorks
Chair of IEEE SPD WG 3.4.18 – Insulation Coordination
Co-convener of IEC TC37 MT4,  Member IEC MT10 and PT11
Liaison to IEC TC99 MT9 and MT10
IEEE Senior Life Member, IEEE PES  Distinguished Lecturer

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High Voltage Substations

Station Class Arresters

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I3CM LLS, Lightning Outages, Lightning Strikes, Monitoring , Fault Location

Real-time Online Monitoring & Precise Fault Location

I3CM LLS Hardware & Software Solution

Home: I3CM LLS Monitoring
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Overhead Lines, Transmission Lines, Distribution Lines, Line Surge Arresters

Overhead Lines

Line Surge Arresters

Home: Ovehead Lines
Sigma SLP, simulation software, lightning performance improvment, LSA placement

Lightning performance simulation 

SIGMA SLP Software

Home: Lightning Peformance
Distribution Class Surge Arresters, Medium Voltage, Lightning Arrestor, Pole Mounted Transformer

Distribution Systems

Distribution Class Arresters & Various Medium Voltage Applications

Home: Distribution Systems
The lightning counter is a machine that is installed on a transformer that is used to coun

Monitoring solutions

Surge Counters & Advanced monitoring solutions

Home: Monitoring Surge Counters
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